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Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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Search results: Sammarco, Codman Square, Second Church, Washington Street, Arthur Vinal, John A. Fox, Edwin J. Lewis Jr., Elbridge Torrey, Clapp Kendall, James Means, Capen House, Dorchester High School
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Welles House
Title Welles House
Caption Photograph of the Welles House. George Henry Knox occupied...
Comments This house was located on Washington Street where the Codman...
Picnumber 6
Keywords Welles House, Knox House, Webster House
Walter Baker House
Title Walter Baker House
Caption Photograph of Walter Baker House, Washington Street....
Comments Known as the Walter Baker mansion, this house was built in...
Picnumber 8
Keywords Baker House, Colonial Club, Bichloride of Gold Institute
Town Hall
Title Town Hall
Caption Photograph of Town House rear view with store. Corner...
Comments The Town Hall was located where the first incarnation of the...
Picnumber 9
Keywords Town Hall, Codman Square
Harris House
Title Harris House
Caption Photograph of interior hall of Old Dr. Harris House....
Comments Harris-Capen House or "Mount Ida" was built in 1793 at the...
Picnumber 15
Keywords Harris House, Capen House, Mount Ida
Old Kendall House, Washington Street
Title Old Kendall House, Washington Street
Caption Photograph of the Old Kendall House on Washington Street. ...
Comments The house was located on Washington Street between Lyndhurst...
Picnumber 20
Keywords Kendall House, Washington Street
John Codman
Title John Codman
Caption Photograph of painting of Rev. John Codman, D.D. Pastor from...
Picnumber 22
Keywords John Codman, Second Church
James H. Means
Title James H. Means
Caption Rev. James H. Means. Pastor from 1848 to 1878 of The Second...
Picnumber 23
Keywords James H. Means, Second Church
E.N. Packard
Title E.N. Packard
Caption Photograph of Rev. E.N. Packard. Pastor from 1879 to 1887....
Picnumber 24
Keywords E.N. Packard, Second Church
Arthur Little
Title Arthur Little
Caption Photograph of Arthur Little. "Present pastor." Published in...
Picnumber 25
Keywords Arthur Little, Second Church
Elbridge Torrey
Title Elbridge Torrey
Caption Photograph of Elbridge Torrey, Deacon of The Second Church....
Picnumber 26
Keywords Elbridge Torrey, Second Church

  Pages   Images Results 1-10 of 317Next