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Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Search results: Sleeping Moon, Ashmont, Peabody Square, T plaza, Joe Wheelwright
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Mayor John Fitzgerald
Title Mayor John Fitzgerald
Caption Photograph of Mayor John F. Fitzgerald. Published in...
Comments Honey Fitz was a resident of Ashmont Hill.
Picnumber 1
Keywords John Fitzgerald
Peabody Square 1923
Title Peabody Square 1923
Caption Photograph of northerly view of Peabody Square July 10,...
Picnumber 44
Keywords Peabody Square
All Saints' Church 1904
Title All Saints' Church 1904
Caption Photograph of All Saints' Church, Ashmont. In article by...
Picnumber 54
Keywords All Saints, Ralph Adams Cram
Ashmont at Bruce
Title Ashmont at Bruce
Caption Photograph of Lady Wentworth, bay trotting mare, owned by...
Picnumber 59
Keywords Lady Wentworth, Edward P. Denn, horse
Carbarn 1895
Title Carbarn 1895
Caption Photograph in the possession of Anthony Sammarco. On verso:...
Picnumber 138
Keywords Car Barn, Washington Street
Peabody Square Clock
Title Peabody Square Clock
Caption Advertisement in Official Program, Dorchester Day, Saturday,...
Picnumber 141
Keywords Peabody Square Clock
National Diaper Service blotter
Title National Diaper Service blotter
Caption Trade card or blotter from National Diaper Service, 1208...
Comments Reader's comment, Dec, 1, 2005: I remember watching...
Picnumber 188
Keywords National Diaper Service blotter, Dorchester Avenue
Rev. George S. Bennitt
Title Rev. George S. Bennitt
Caption Photograph published in All Saints' Ashmont, Dorchester,...
Picnumber 196
Keywords George S. Bennitt, All Saints
Original All Saints Building
Title Original All Saints Building
Caption Photograph published in All Saints' Ashmont, Dorchester,...
Comments This building was located where the Ashmont subway station...
Picnumber 197
Keywords All Saints
Rev. Charles Tileston Whittemore
Title Rev. Charles Tileston Whittemore
Caption Photograph published in All Saints' Ashmont, Dorchester,...
Picnumber 198
Keywords Charles Tileston Whittemore, All Saints

  Pages   Images Results 1-10 of 199Next