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Wednesday, April 8, 2020
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Search results: Strand Theatre
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Residence of Micah Dyer
Title Residence of Micah Dyer
Caption Postcard. Caption on front: Residence of Micah Dyer,...
Comments This house was located formerly on the site of the Strand...
Picnumber 261
Keywords Postcard, Micah Dyer, Boston Post Card Co., Upham's Corner
Strand Theatre
Title Strand Theatre
Caption Photograph of the Strand Theatre from the 1960s.
Picnumber 4337
Keywords Strand Theatre
Dyer House
Title Dyer House
Caption Scan of photograph of the House of Micah Dyer Jr. that stood...
Picnumber 4350
Keywords Micah Dyer Jr., Dorchester, Strand Theatre, Collumbia Road
Strand Theatre program 1929
Title Strand Theatre program 1929
Caption Scan of cover of Strand Theatre program from 1929 featuring...
Picnumber 9626
Keywords Strand Theatre, Dorchester
Mural at Strand Theatre, October 2007
Title Mural at Strand Theatre, October 2007
Caption Photo of mural on grate of Strand Theatre, Columbia Road,...
Picnumber 9737
Keywords Mural, Strand Theatre, Columbia Road, Dorchester
Dyer House
Title Dyer House
Caption Scan of photo of Dyer House, now replaced by the Strand...
Picnumber 11088
Keywords Dyer House, Upham's Corner, Columbia Road, Jones Hill

  Pages   Images Results 1-6 of 6