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Saturday, September 21, 2019
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Search results: Thacher Estate, Hillside, Harley Hospital, Jones Hill, Windermere Road
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These are the image results from your query; click on the pages link to view the page results, or on a thumbnail below for more information.
Dr. Gardiner House
Title Dr. Gardiner House
Caption Photograph printed on p. 46 of Dorchester Old and New...
Comments Built prior to the Revolution, the house was located on...
Picnumber 498
Keywords Dr. Gardiner House, Gardner House, Ebenezer Niles
Samuel Downer
Title Samuel Downer
Caption Samuel Downer, born in Dorchester in 1807, who lived on...
Picnumber 905
Keywords Sameul Downer, Jones Hill, Dorchester
St. Mary's Episcopal Church drawing
Title St. Mary's Episcopal Church drawing
Caption Drawing of the Cushing Avenue side of St. Mary's Episcopal...
Picnumber 5019
Keywords St. Mary's Episcopal, Cushing Avenue, Jones Hill, Dorchester
St. Mary's Episcopal Church Fire
Title St. Mary's Episcopal Church Fire
Caption Scan of photograph from 1887 showing St. Mary's Church on...
Picnumber 7145
Keywords St. Mary, Episcopal Church, Bowdoin Street, Fire
Anna Clapp Harris Smith
Title Anna Clapp Harris Smith
Caption Scan of photo published in Dorchester Community News ca....
Comments Anna Clapp Harris Smith (1843-1937) was born at 65 Pleasant...
Picnumber 7227
Keywords Anna Clapp Harris Smith, 65 Pleasant, Animal Rescue League
St. Mary's Church, Episcopal
Title St. Mary's Church, Episcopal
Caption Photograph of St. Mary's Church 1897.
Picnumber 8741
Keywords St. Mary's Church, Jones Hill, Dorchester
Title Hillside
Caption Hillside was the estate of the Thacher family, owned in the...
Picnumber 9873
Keywords Hillside, Thacher, Harley Hospital, Windermere
Samuel Downer Jr
Title Samuel Downer Jr
Caption Samuel Downer Jr., 1807-1880, scanned from Dorchester Volume...
Picnumber 10281
Keywords Samuel Downer, Jones Hill, Dorchester, kerosene
Harley Hospital
Title Harley Hospital
Caption Published photo the Harley Hospital from the annual report...
Picnumber 10904
Keywords Harley Hospital, Jones Hill, Dorchester, Windermere Road
Dyer House
Title Dyer House
Caption Scan of photo of Dyer House, now replaced by the Strand...
Picnumber 11088
Keywords Dyer House, Upham's Corner, Columbia Road, Jones Hill

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