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Saturday, October 31, 2020
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Search results: Desmond H Fitzgerald, WWI, Dorchester, Desmond Fitzgerald, Desmond, Fitzgerald, World War I, World War One
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Where Washington Placed his Breastworks
Title Where Washington Placed his Breastworks
Caption Photograph of where Washington on his march to Dorchester...
Picnumber 21
Keywords Washington, Breastworks, Dorchester Heights
Peabody Square 1923
Title Peabody Square 1923
Caption Photograph of northerly view of Peabody Square July 10,...
Picnumber 44
Keywords Peabody Square
Swan Mansion, Dudley Street
Title Swan Mansion, Dudley Street
Caption Photograph of the Swan Mansion, Dudley Street. Built about...
Picnumber 46
Keywords Swan Mansion, Dudley Street
Willow Court
Title Willow Court
Caption Photograph of Willow Court. Published in Official Program,...
Comments Willow Court was one of the first lanes settled by the...
Picnumber 47
Frank L. Young
Title Frank L. Young
Caption Photograph of Frank L. Young, President of the Dorchester...
Picnumber 49
Keywords Frank L. Young, Dorchester Historical Society
John A. Fowle
Title John A. Fowle
Caption Photograph of John A. Fowle, Secretary and Treasurer of the...
Picnumber 50
Keywords John A. Fowle, Dorchester Historical Society
The Rt. Rev. Peter Ronan, P.R.
Title The Rt. Rev. Peter Ronan, P.R.
Caption Photograph of The Rt. Rev. Peter Ronan, P.R. Published in...
Picnumber 51
Keywords Peter Ronan
Gerome C. Hosmer
Title Gerome C. Hosmer
Caption Photograph of Gerome C. Hosmer, past president of the...
Picnumber 52
Keywords Gerome C. Hosmer, Dorchester Historical Society
Edward T. Horne
Title Edward T. Horne
Caption Photograph of Edward T. Horne, Vice President of the...
Picnumber 53
Keywords Edward T. Horne, Dorchester Historical Society
Talbot Avenue
Title Talbot Avenue
Caption Photograph of Bonnets O'Blue, roan pacing mare, owned by...
Picnumber 57
Keywords Talbot Avenue, George W. D'Arcy, horse

  Pages   Images Previous Results 21-30 of 2580Next