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Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Search results: James Blake House, Dorchester Historical Society, Massachusetts Historical Commission
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Dorchester Historical Society Presidents
Edmund P. Tileston 1843-1873 Edmund J. Baker 1873-1890 William H. Whitmore 1891-1897 Boardman Hall 1897-1898 John J. May 1898-1903 Richard C. Humphreys 1903-1912 Jerome Hosmer 1912-1913 Frank...
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National Register: James Blake House
James Blake House, Built about 1650 [actually dendrochronology has since provided a date of probably construction as 1661] Report prepared in 1972 [Note: this reproduction of the information in...
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Huebener Brick no. 5 James Blake House
Located at 735 Columbia Road in Richardson Park, the James Blake/Elizabeth Clap House is shown in a miniature painting on the face of a brick in the Edward A. Huebener Brick Collection. The Edward...
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2009-8-29 Pear cutting and mashing at winery
The Dorchester Historical Society delivered the Clap's Favorite pears grown at its headquarters property to the Boston Winery, where volunteers helped in the first steps of making a new wine.
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DIOTD, Aug. 25, 2009 Picking Clap Pears
Dorchester Illustration of the Day no. 1133 The Dorchester Historical Society has picked the Clap Favorite pears from its trees at 195 Boston Street and has transported them to the Boston Winery. ...
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Guide to the James Blake House
Guide to the James Blake House from the Dorchester Historical Society This conjectural illustration shows the James Blake House as it would have appeared soon after it was built. The Blake House was...
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DIOTD, Mar. 23,2009 Antique Appraisal event
Dorchester Illustration of the Day no. 1025 Yesterday?s antique appraisal event was really great. The Dorchester Historical Society was overwhelmed with guests?thanks for your support. Mary Westcott...
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Dorchester Historical Society
You can find out about the Dorchester Historical Society and how to donate to its admirable work by visiting

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Wine-Tasting Fundraiser 5-3-2009
Dorchester Historical Society Dorchester Historical Society Successful in Meeting its Fundraising Match and Receives Grant On Sunday, May 3, 2009,...
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New Fruit Orchard 4-19-2009 New fruit orchard planned at historic farm ________________________________________ By Pete Stidman Apr. 19, 2009 Pete...
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