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Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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The conglomerate rock that naturally occurred in Dorchester (and actually much of the world) has engendered many references. St. Peter's Church was built partly of the stone quarried from its site. Oliver...
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William T. Adams, 1822-1897
Who was Oliver Optic? William T. Adams, who lived a large part of his life in Dorchester, was the author of 126 books and over 1000 stories, issued mostly under the pseudonym of Oliver Optic and...
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Thomas Oliver, 1733-1815
Thomas Oliver, a graduate of Harvard in 1753, began life under the most favorable circumstances. His father, Robert Oliver, a wealthy planter from Antigua, settled in Dorchester in 1737, bringing his...
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All Saints Church
All Saints' Episcopal Church began in 1867 as a mission of St. Mary's Church under the guidance of Miss Hannah Austin, later Sister Hannah, who in 1897 was in charge of the Church Hospital in St. Paul,...
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Everett House
The Everett House was built about 1745 by Robert Oliver. The house was later acquired by Oliver Everett and family. Oliver Everett was born in South Dedham, went to Harvard, graduating in 1779. He...
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Oliver Wendell Holmes School
Oliver Wendell Holmes School (Middle) 40 School Street, Dorchester Built 1905. The school was certified as complete on August 1, 1905 and was occupied for school purposes on September 13, 1905. A.W....
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William T. Adams
Adams, William T. From: One of a Thousand. A Series of Biographical Sketches of One Thousand Representative Men Resident in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, A.D. 1888-89. Compiled under the editorial...
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Huebener Brick no. 67 Oliver Davenport House
The Oliver Davenport House was located on Boston Street, now Columbia Road, just south of Upham’s Corner. The Edward A. Huebener collection of over 100 bricks originally collected by Mr. Huebener...
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DIOTD, Oct. 5, 2010 Oliver Optic
Dorchester Illustration of the Day no. 1400 Portrait of William T. Adams (Oliver Optic) in Oliver Optic's Books. Boston: Lee and Shepard, ca. 1880. Adams was the author of hundreds of books...
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DIOTD, Jan. 25, 2011 Walter Baker Mansion
Dorchester Illustration of the Day no. 1472 Known as the Walter Baker mansion, this house was most likely built in 1737 by Lieutenant Governor Andrew Oliver who used it as a summer residence until...
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