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Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Search results: Oliver
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DIOTD, June 24, 2011 Civil War
Dorchester Illustration of the Day no. 1574 Last evening I met a recipient of the daily email who had a family member who enlisted in the Civil War in Dorchester although he lived in Plymouth County....
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DIOTD, Aug. 6, 2012 Oliver Optic
Dorchester Illustration of the Day no. 1841 Back cover from Oliver Opticís Annual 1895 Oliver Optic was the pseudonym for William T. Adams, an author of over 100 books for young men and women. He...
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DIOTD, June 14, 2013 Home of Oliver Optic
Dorchester Illustration of the Day no. 2045 Oliver Optic was the pen name for William Adams, who wrote books for children and young adults. His house was located on the west side of Dorchester Avenue...
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Wood, in 1633, in his New England's Prospect, describes Dorchester as "the greatest town in New England, well wooded and watered; very good arable grounds and hay-ground; fair cornfields and pleasant...
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For individual pages on some authors see list under Authors at left or at the very bottom of this page. Authors who are known for other activities may appear under Activists, Artists, Public Figures,...
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Dorchester Maps Note: if the quality of these maps is too low for your use, please get in touch. We have better quality images, but the digital files are larger than we feel comfortable putting on the...
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The conglomerate rock that naturally occurred in Dorchester (and actually much of the world) has engendered many references. St. Peter's Church was built partly of the stone quarried from its site. Oliver...
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Town History
Settled by passengers from the Mary and John about June 1, 1630, Dorchester originally was one of the largest towns in the Massachusetts Bay Colony and included South Boston, Hyde Park, Milton, Wrentham,...
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A few of Dorchesters notable residents who dont fit other categories are listed below. James Bowdoin, Governor of Massachusetts. William Bratton, New York City Police Commissioner. Richard...
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Walter Baker Mansion
Known as the Walter Baker mansion, this house was most likely built in 1737 by Lieutenant Governor Andrew Oliver who used it as a summer residence until his death in 1774. Col. Benjamin Hichborn purchased...
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