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Monday, December 16, 2019
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Search results: Sammarco, Civil War, Lyceum Hall, Nathaniel Hall, Benjamin Cushing, William Taylor Adams
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First Church and Lyceum Hall
Title First Church and Lyceum Hall
Caption Postcard. Caption on front: Dorchester, Mass. (Meeting House...
Picnumber 531
Keywords Lyceum Hall, First Church, Hugh C. Leighton Co.
Nathaniel Hall
Title Nathaniel Hall
Caption Photograph of Rev. Nathaniel Hall published in A Memorial of...
Picnumber 712
Keywords Nathaniel Hall
First Church
Title First Church
Caption Photograph of the First Church, Dorchester, Mass. published...
Picnumber 713
Keywords First Church
Dance Card Fireman's Ball
Title Dance Card Fireman's Ball
Caption Caption on front: Grand Fireman's and Civic Ball by Torrent...
Picnumber 718
Keywords Dance Card Fireman's Ball, Lyceum Hall, Torrent Engine Co.
Theodore White
Title Theodore White
Caption Scan of photo of Theodore White, published in Dorchester /...
Picnumber 804
Keywords Theodore White
Swan House
Title Swan House
Caption Designed by Charles Bulfinch as a summerhouse for James and...
Comments The house was located at the corner of Dudley and Howard...
Picnumber 876
Keywords Swan House, Dudley Street, Howard Street, Bulfinch
Daniel Davenport
Title Daniel Davenport
Caption Daniel Davenport, 1773-1860. Daniel Davenport was the...
Picnumber 883
Keywords Daniel Davenport
Oakland, Hooper estate
Title Oakland, Hooper estate
Caption Oakland was the home of Robert Chamblett Hooper, a Boston...
Picnumber 884
Keywords Oakland, Hooper estate
Mary Hunt
Title Mary Hunt
Caption President of the American Temperance Society. Published in...
Picnumber 892
Keywords Mary Hunt
Upham building
Title Upham building
Caption Amos Upham's general store was replaced in 1884 by a...
Picnumber 900
Keywords Uphas

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