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Saturday, October 31, 2020
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Search results: Stark Collection of Antiquities, Catalogue, Dorchester Historical Society
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These are the image results from your query; click on the pages link to view the page results, or on a thumbnail below for more information.
Dorchester North Burying Ground
Title Dorchester North Burying Ground
Caption Gate of Dorchester North Burying Place. Published in...
Picnumber 160
Keywords Dorchester North Burying Ground, North Cemetery
Gen. Stoughton's Tomb
Title Gen. Stoughton's Tomb
Caption Published in Official Program, Dorchester Day, Saturday June...
Picnumber 161
Keywords Israel Stoughton Tomb, Dorchester North Burying Ground
48 Geneva Avenue
Title 48 Geneva Avenue
Caption From advertisement of Highland Laundry. Published in...
Picnumber 162
Keywords Geneva Avenue, Highland Laundry
Richard C. Humphreys
Title Richard C. Humphreys
Caption Illustration in Dorchester Day. Celebration of the Two...
Picnumber 168
Keywords Richard C. Humphreys, Dorchester Day
James H. Stark
Title James H. Stark
Caption Illustration in Dorchester Day. Celebration of the Two...
Comments James Stark was the publisher & also the President of the...
Picnumber 172
Keywords James H. Stark, Dorchester Day 1909
William H. Whitmore
Title William H. Whitmore
Caption Founder of the Dorchester Historical Society, City Registrar...
Picnumber 177
Keywords William H. Whitmore, Dorchester Day 1907
Committee of the Dorchester Historical Society
Title Committee of the Dorchester Historical Society
Caption Dorchester Day Committee, including Guy M. Ham, Daniel...
Picnumber 184
Keywords Dorchester Day 1907, Guy Ham, Daniel Brewer, William...
Blake House
Title Blake House
Caption Postcard [of Blake House] Postally unused. On verso: House...
Picnumber 359
Keywords Postcard, Blake House, Dorchester Historical Society
Statue of Edward Everett
Title Statue of Edward Everett
Caption Postcard. Caption on front: Edward Everett Monument, Everett...
Comments The statue was designed by William Wetmore Story of Salem...
Picnumber 367
Keywords Postcard, Edward Everett Monument, Edward Everett Square,...
Ball Hughes House
Title Ball Hughes House
Caption Illustration in: Good Old Dorchester / William Dana Orcutt....
Comments A photograph of this sketch at the Dorchester Historical...
Picnumber 460
Keywords Ball Hughes House

  Pages   Images Previous Results 11-20 of 553Next