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Saturday, September 21, 2019
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Wood, in 1633, in his New England's Prospect, describes Dorchester as "the greatest town in New England, well wooded and watered; very good arable grounds and hay-ground; fair cornfields and pleasant...
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William Clapp House
William Clapp House (1806) 195 Boston Street Dorchester, MA 02125 William Clapp, son of Capt. Lemuel and Rebecca (Dexter) Clap, was born in Dorchester, March 3, 1779, died Feb. 29, 1860. He...
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Samuel Downer, Jr.
Samuel Downer, Jr. Worth: $100,000 Received something from his father to commence in the grocery business with, where he remained a short time, when he engaged in the oil trade, where he accumulated...
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Agriculture in Dorchester
The Memorial History of Boston has a chapter: The Horticulture of Boston and Vicinity, in vol. 4 Click here to see the pdf version of this chapter [The...
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William Clapp, 1779-1860
William Clapp (Lemuel, Ebenezer, Ebenezer, Nathaniel, Nicholas) 1779-1860 [from The Clapp Memorial. Record of the Clapp Family in America ? Ebenezer Clapp, compiler. Boston: David Clapp & Son,...
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DIOTD, Sept. 15, 2008 Strange Flowers
Dorchester Illustration of the Day no. 909 Today we have a photo of a tree at the corner of Dorchester Avenue and Gibson Street with unusual flowers for September. Is it a prank or is it art? ______ The...
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Dorchester Historical Society Plants Garden Beds May 30, 2009
The Dorchester Historical Society planted two new garden beds at the William Clapp House on May 30, 2009. These included a border of fruiting shrubs and the addition of 2 pear trees to the 4 already...
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Roger Clap School class plants sunflowers, June 2009
Third Grade from Roger Clap School Plants Sunflowers at Historical Society In early June, 2009, Mary Moran's third-grade class at the Roger Clap School planted sunflower...
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July 8, 2009 EarthWorks Group at William Clapp House
EarthWorks partnered with the Dorchester Historical Society to plant fruiting shrubs and trees at the Society's headquarters property. On July 8th, the organization brought teens to Edward Everett Square...
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2009 Nov. 15 Clapp Family Farm Open House
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