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Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Lost Dorchester. For buildings lost to demolition or to fire, etc., click on the subsection "Architectural Preservation" under the section "Home" at the left of the screen. The Dorchester Historical...
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Books on Buildings & Monuments
Printed Materials Relating to Dorchester Buildings & Monuments Bostons Triple-Deckers. Boston: Office of Program Development, 1978. Dedication of the Soldiers Monument at Dorchester,...
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Lost Institutional Buildings
For a small sample of institutional buildings lost or demolished check the list below. Many buildings have been listed under other categories such as Churches and Schools. If you are interested in a...
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Architectural Preservation
The Dorchester Historical Society's Architectural Preservation Committee is active in supporting local residents in their efforts to preserve Dorchester's constructed landscape. The Committee publishes...
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DIOTD, Nov. 1, 2012 wind chimes
Dorchester Illustration of the Day no. 1901 Ever since I saw a set of these wind chimes at Barbara Langis house, I have wanted a set. This week I found the chimes on eBay. Wind chimes with illustrations...
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For individual pages on some authors see list under Authors at left or at the very bottom of this page. Authors who are known for other activities may appear under Activists, Artists, Public Figures,...
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Gleason House - Lilacs
Built in 1837, the Roswell Gleason House, named Lilacs, stood at corner of Washington and Park Streets. The house...
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Harris School
In 1861 the Harris School on Adams Street at the corner of Victory Road (formerly Mill Street) was erected and named in honor of the Rev. Thaddeus Mason Harris who was the pastor of the First Parish for...
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Stoughton School
The only surviving school-house from among those built in the 1850s and 1860s and the oldest surviving wooden school-house in Boston. In 1803 John Capen, Jr., gave the land on River Street to build a...
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Childe Hassam, 1859-1935
Acknowledged as the leading exponent of Impression in America The artist, christened Frederick Childe Hassam, was born in 1859 at his family home on Olney Street, Dorchester, Massachusetts. Though...
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