Dorchester Atheneum

A website devoted to the history of Dorchester, Massachusetts. Founded in 1630, the town was independent until January 1, 1870, when it joined the city of Boston.

Dorchester History

A brief history of a community whose “close proximity to the ocean, with refreshing breezes throughout the summer months, superb views from its elevated points of Boston Bay, and harbor of unrivaled beauty, combining the freedom and delights of the country with the advantages and privileges of the city, pure invigorating air, good drainage” drew “the most desirable class of home builders.”

The people whose lives wove the rich tapestry of Dorchester’s history, from Israel Stoughton to Dennis Lehane.

Dorchester People

The Built Environment

The historic architecture, streets and neighborhoods of Dorchester, MA, from Boston’s oldest house, the James Blake House, to the Peabody Square Clock at the intersection of Dorchester Avenue and Ashmont Street.

Founded in 1843, DHS seeks to preserve and share the history of Dorchester, promote the preservation of historic buildings and sites, care for and exhibit articles of historic interest, and further education about and in the community.

The Historical Society