Institutions and Schools

Dorchester's Community Institutions

Along with the schools, charitable organizations have usually had an educational mission.  The schools provide basic education and beyond.  Other institutions have encouraged the public to develop a greater understanding of more focused issues.  One example, the Dorchester Anti-Slavery Society, had an obvious mission, as does the Dorchester Historical Society.  There were many others including the Dorchester Association to Prevent Trespasses in Gardens, Fields, &c. in Dorchester and Vicinity, whose names bore their message.  The nineteenth century saw an expansion of institutional activity.


Public and private Schools have served Dorchester residents from 1639 onward.


Hospitals and health

St. Mary’s Infant Asylum was the first, followed by others and recently by neighborhood health centers.


Dorchester has a long history of organizations that provide culture and social services and meet many other needs.