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Books, such as the 1859 history of Dorchester, provide information about the early years of settlement, and books on specific topics sometimes provide a more nuanced understanding. There are books about Dorchester and there are books by Dorchester authors. There are books of fiction that include events that could have occurred in Dorchester.

Many books have been written about Dorchester’s rich history. Please search this site to see lists of books about Dorchester, books about Dorchester people, books about Dorchester institutions, books by Dorchester authors, etc.

Also check with other local institutions for sources of Dorchester history including books, manuscripts and photographs, etc.: Boston Public Library, Bostonian Society, Dorchester Historical Society, Massachusetts Historical Society, Massachusetts State Library at the State House, Massachusetts Archives and Commonwealth Museum on Columbia Point, New England Historic Genealogical Society. Other libraries have material as well, such as the Healey Library at UMass-Boston on Columbia Point, Baker Business Library at Harvard University which has, for one example, some material relating to the Baker Chocolate company.

The on-line catalogs of the following institutions are good resources

Boston Athenaeum

Boston Public Library

Bostonian Society

Massachusetts Historical Society

New England Historic Genealogical Society

Some of the oldest manuscript material collected by the Dorchester Antiquarian and Historical Society, an earlier incarnation of the Dorchester Historical Society, was entrusted to the Massachusetts Historical Society and the New England Historic Genealogical Society. A resurgence of interest in local history fostered the incorporation of the Dorchester Historical Society in 1891. The Society has extensive collections spanning from the 17th century to the present.