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No. 6503 29 Adams Street, photograph May 19, 2005.
No. 5248 Brick 106b in the Huebener Collection at the Dorchester Historical Society with painting of the Wiswall Blackman House at 29 Adams Street.

Date of construction:  By 1811

William Munroe Jr. was a housewright, and it is possible that he built the house.  He sold the property with the dwelling house and buildings to William Wiswell in 1811. Wiswell sold to Blackman in 1836, so it is curious why the name Blackman appears on the 1831 map.



Lemuel S. Blackman House

Samuel Swan, Herbert J. Hickey House

circa 1820

Federal style

The following is from the area form for Meeting House Hill, Boston Landmarks Commission.

The Blackman House at 29 Adams Streetwas built in 1820 and was for many years the home of the artist Lemuel Blackman . His best-known work is a landscape of Meeting House Hill, painted during the early 19th century. During the Revolution, Blackman had been a soldier in Captain James Robinson’s Company, which belonged to the regiment commanded by Ezra Badlam, Esq.

The following is from the 1977 Boston Landmarks Survey:

Says it is on the 1831 map.

5 bay hip-roofed Federal, brick ends, replacement porch and siding.

Similar in form to 21, 13, 38 Winter Street (all altered to a degree)

Annotated drawing at SPNEA provides some ownership data:

1912 – Robert T. Sawn

Oct. 2, 1857. Norfolk Deeds Lib 259, Fol .312 Samuel Swan from William D. Swan

Mar 6, 1844 Norfolk Deeds 145/167   Wm. D. Swan from Lemuel S. Blackman,

Lemuel S. Blackman from William Wiswell

See also Huebener brick description

 No. 106 Blackman Wiswall house

Ownership history from maps:

1831 Blackman

1850 no name

1874 S Swan

1884 Saml Swan

1889 Saml Swan

1894 Saml Swan

1898 Saml Swan

1904 Hrs Saml Swan

1910 Hrs Saml Swan

1918 Hrs Saml Swan

1933 Regina E. Hickey


October 4, 1836 from William Wiswell to Lemuel S. Blackman  111.257

with the dwelling house

Nov. 14, 1811 from William Munroe Jr., of Dorchester, housewright, to William Wiswell, of Boston, trader 40.154

with dwellinghouse & all other buildings

Jan 16, 1797 from Solomon Hall to William Munroe, Jr    6.132  there is a plan of the land with this deed.

no mention of a building

June 18, 2007

From: George Hickey

My parents bought the house @ 29 Adams St in the 20s.  Growing up there was a plaque my mother kept that was placed on the house for the Dorchester tercentenary that read:  Blackman House 1754.


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July 9, 2020