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No. 13344 51 Bowoin Avenue on the right and 53 Bowdoin Avenue on the left, photograph August 25, 2012.

Date of construction: circa 1850

Double House


circa  1850

Architect(s): Lapham, Robert Magoun

Use(s): Multiple Family Dwelling House

Te following is from the area form for Mt. Bowdoin, Boston Landmarks Commission

A few doors to the south is another pre 1850 double house at 51/53 Bowdoin Ave., which is of a cottage-scale and like 41/42 stand with its ong, six bay main facade facing the street, its 2-bay end wall gable facing north-south.  Paired center entrances open on to a late 19th century porch with simple posts and turned balusters.  Although covered with vinyl siding, this house retains its original T-shaped form and above all, the wavy Carpenter Gothic boarding on its pair of gable roofed dormers.

Owners from maps and atlases

1850  L. Glass or R. Glass

1858  no name

1874  Wm S. Phelps

1884  Wm S. Phelps

1889  William S. Phelps

1894  Albert A. Chittenden

1898  Albert A Chittenden

1904  Albert A. Chittenden

1910  Albert A. Chittenden

1918  Albert A. Chittenden Hrs

1933  Nora Morris 7718 sf


June 11, 1867 from William Bryant to William S. Phelps 355.47

consideration $3,425   with the buildings thereon

December 2, 1863 from Lucius J. and Ellen E. Peck to William Bryant 319.188

consideration $950  with the buildings thereon

May 1, 1856 from Reuben Glass to Lucius J. Peck 245.41

consideration $900  with the buildings thereon

Aug. 2, 1845 from James Weld to Reuben Glass 157.193

consideration $500   no mention of a building


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August 6, 2020