68 Willow Court

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No. 6511 68 Willow Court, photograph May 19, 2005.

68 Willow Court, slated to be demolished early 21st century in the 2000 teens

Assessing (accessed March 2020): 5470 sq. ft. residential land


estimated construction: ca. 1870

style: Second Empire

Included in inventory of Willow Court, nos. 59-98

Original side-all Mansard of e. 1870s with three-story rear deck – prototype tripledecker

The property at 68 Willow Court, Dorchester, was probably the oldest three-decker prototype in Dorchester. Certainly it was the oldest found by Arthur J. Krim in his study The Three-Deckers of Dorchester: An Architectural Historical Survey, December 30, 1977. Krim suggests that one of the prototype forms for the three-decker is the Mansard Prototype, and 68 Willow Court is offered as a notable survivor as the oldest example found. The formative period for three-deckers ranged from 1875 to 1889, and the building at 68 Willow Court which was built about 1870 appears on the 1874 Hopkins Atlas plate P (the property with 5116 square feet of land). Sometime between the 1910 and 1918 Bromley Atlases of Dorchester the notation of the area of the property changed from 5116 to 5470 square feet, possibly due to more accurate measuring techniques.

Owners from atlases:

1874 can’t read name

1884 M. M. Clapp

1889 Martha Clapp

1894 Martha Clapp

1898 Hrs of Martha Clapp

1904 Antonio Calabro

1910 Antonio Calabro

1918 G. Calabro

1933 A. Mazzuicchelli


July 28, 1877 from Richard C. Humphreys et al executors to Martha M. Clapp  1384 29

second parcel described is a lot on the south side of Willow Court lot no. 52 on a plan of lotw drawn by W. A. Garbett June 7, 1870, 1011 99 

5116 sq. ft. land with the buildings thereon


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March 23, 2020