Civil War Soldiers and Sailors of the Second Church in Dorchester

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Image: No. 20195 Civil War Soldiers and Sailors of the Second Church in Dorchester.

Died in Service

Captain Thomas S. Dennett

Lieutenant Benjamin F. Bartlett

Seargeant Alfred Davenport

Edwin C. Foster

George Holmes

Robert T. Holmes

George C. Millett

George W. McElroy

Charles E. Tolman

George E. Tolman

Killed or Mortally Wounded in Battle

Colonel Henry M. Tremlett

Captain William G. Hewins

Captain James Sewall Read

Captain Moses H. Warren

Lieutenant William R. Porter

Seargeant Martin W. Stone

Jesse H. Bradshaw

George E. Lambert

Discharged for Disability

Lieutenant John R. Stitt

Lieutenant Robert Williams

Lieutenant William H. H. Young

Sergeant Aaron Bradshaw

Sergeant John Neas

Joseph A. Foster

Amost Morse

Asa F. Sterling

Honorably Discharged at Expiration of Service

Colonel Charles B. Fox

Captain B. Read Wales

Lieutenant Elbridge Brasdshaw

Lieutenant Henry L. Estabrook

Lieutenant Augustus H. Wright

Engineer Sydney L. Smith

Sergeant John Foster Hewis

Sergeant Christopher Karcher

Sergeant Alonzo Sterling

Corporal Edward F. Gleason

Daniel B. Anderson

John Anderson Jr

Thomas Bowe

Myron J. Chaffee

Alfred A. Day

Reuben Gleason

Thomas V. Gleason

William H. Haddock

Charles B. Hewins

Samuel Ambrose Holmes

Walter Holmes

Wallace Kenney

Thomas Kinsley

William B. Lambert

Albert Littlefield

Charles Littfield

Harlan P. Paige

George L. Pitman

William Reed

Edward H. Richards

Henry W. Smith

Henry M. Tolman

S. Willard Vinson

J. Frederick Williams


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March 25, 2020