Congregation Mishkan Israel

No. 20301 137 Dakota Street from Google Street View April 2020.


137 Dakota Street

Isaiah Marcus, Rabbi, in 1930.

 In March, 2003, this location was used by Pentecostal House of Prayer for All People. It is unclear whether the building standing in 2003 was the original building used by the Congregation Mishkan Israel. This building is now used by Bethel Pentecostal Haitian Church.

The 1933 atlas shows the name as Synagogue Cong. Mishkan Yisroal.

Probably built following the practice common to synagogue and church construction where a “basement” facility was built, and used by the congregation while construction of the main building was (hopefully) completed.


Dorchester Old and New, 1630-1930. (Dorchester: Chapple Publishing Company for the Dorchester, Massachusetts, Tercentary Committee, 1930)


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April 15, 2020