D. J. Cutter & Co.

No. 2821 Billhead from D. J. Cutter & Co. 1908.


D.J. Cutter & Co., a heating fuel company, was started in 1872 at Commercial Point by Dexter Josiah Cutter, passing to his son Frank Ware Cutter, to his son Edward Learoyd Cutter, to his son Edward Learoyd Cutter, Jr., and to his son Timothy Morse Cutter (still managing the business in 2005).

No. 6804 D. J. Cutter, original office, 1872.
No. 6716 D. J. Cutter & Co., 1880s, with coal gas holders bin the background.


In the 19th century, the company supplied wood and coal for heating.  In the 20th century, they made the transition to oil delivery.

No. 6883 Detail from plate 19 of the 1884 Bromley Atlas. D. J. Cutter is at the bottom of the detail on both sides of Preston Street.
No. 6796 15 Blanche Street at left, home of the Cutter family. 11 Blanche Street is on the right.

Dexter and Frank built homes on Blanche Street, Dexter at #15 and Frank at #11.

No. View of Blanche Street from Commercial Point, late 19th century.

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