Forest Hills Cemetery, 95 Forest Hills Avenue

Although Forest Hills is not in Dorchester, we know that many Dorchester people were buried there.


Forest Hills Cemetery is one of the finest examples of the rural cemetery garden in the United States. It was designed in 1848 to provide a magnificent park-like setting to bury and remember family and friends. Today, Forest Hills is still an active burial ground; it is also a historic site, an open-air museum, and a 275-acre greenspace and arboretum. The distinctive Victorian landscape design features meandering paths, scenic vistas, and a lovely small lake. Many prominent historic and cultural figures are buried here, including inventors, entrepreneurs, civic leaders, artists, and social activists. Some examples are abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison, suffragist Lucy Stone, poets Anne Sexton and ee cummings, playwright Eugene O’Neill, and sculptor Martin Milmore.


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April 11, 2020