Roy C. Smith Bridge, Bridge on the Expressway over the Neponset River between Boston and Milton

No. 1875 Photograph Keystone Building and Roy C. Smith Bridge, December 2002.

Acts, 1953 – Chaps. 578, 579     page 547

An Act Providing for the Construction of a Bridge over the Neponset River between the Town of Milton and the City of Boston, To Be Known and Designated as the Ray C. Smith Bridge.

Be it enacted, etc., as follows:

Section 1. The department of public works is hereby authorized to construct a bridge without a draw over the Neponset River on the co-called Southeast Expressway at a location about one mile upstream from the Neponset bridge so called, between the town of Milton and the city of Boston.  For such purposes said department shall expend such sums as may be necessary from the sums available to it under the provisions of chapter five hundred and fifty-six of the acts of nineteen hundred and fifty-two.  Said bridge shall be known and designated as the Roy C. Smith Bridge, and a suitable tablet or marker bearing said designation shall be attached thereto by said department upon its completion.

Section 2.  This act shall take effect upon its passage.

Approved July 1, 1953.


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March 21, 2020