Saint Kevin Roman Catholic Church

St. Kevin was established in the 1940s and took over a telephone company building on Columbia Road in Upham’s Corner.

The architect who transformed the building into a church was reportedly Holmes of Holmes and Edwards.

Reader’s Comment:

From: “Bill Howe” Sept. 2005

In the 1950’s I attended St. Kevins School which was right next door to the Municipal Building on Columbia Road. The basement at one time was a swimming pool. By the 1950’s the basement had been converted to the Children’s part of the Ground Floor Library. One very vivid memory was how nice all of the librarians were to us children. I also remember going with my parents to pay their Poll Tax there. The top floor was a large Gymnasium. My dad would take me there on Saturday night for the free hot showers (all we had was a bath tub). Regards, Bill Howe

From: Jim Pomeroy, September, 2009

I also went to St. Kevins in the 50’s. I also remember the Bird Street Clinic in the municipal building. I think the nunnery was right behind it, Hillside Spa at the other end of Bird Street. Hancock Street: the furniture store was there forever and of course the Strand Theatre!


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April 17, 2020