Sarah Davidson Apartment Block, 3 Gaylord Street

No. 18680 Sarah Davidson Apartment Block


The Sarah Davidson Apartment Block, located on a corner lot at 3 Gaylord Street, is an excellent example of a well-preserved, early 20 1h-century, Classical Revival-style commercial and multifamily residential development in the Codman Square neighborhood of Boston’s Dorchester section. The building is significant under Criterion A as a mixed-use commercial and residential property, reflective of streetcar-suburb development in Greater Boston at the turn of the century. Its association with its original owner and developer, a widowed, single woman, Sarah Davidson, is unusual. The property is also significant under Criterion C as a well-preserved and stylish mixed-use middle-class apartment building, designed at the turn of the century by Alexander B. Pinkham, a prominent local architect. The building retains its integrity of location, design, setting, materials, feeling, association, and workmanship, and is significant at the local level. The period of significance begins with the construction of the Sarah Davidson Apartment Block in 1901, and extends to 1963, the standard 50-year cutoff period established by the National Register program.


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April 10, 2020