Sarell Gleason, funeral undertaker

No. 7523 Advertisement in Dorchester and Quincy Directory, 1868-9, for S. Gleason, funeral director, Four Corners.






No. 18941 Sarell Gleason, portrait owned by Dorchester Historical Society.














The 1870 Boston Directory has an entry for Sarell Gleason, undertaker, Washington, cor. Harvard, bds. Harvard, near Brush hill ave, w’d 16 [Dorchester] and R. & E. F. Gleason, Furnishing Undertakers and Embalmers, Office and Warerooms, 345 Washington Street, corner Harvard, Dorchester District, Boston.

Founded 1862

From Picturesque Boston Highlands, Jamaica Plain and Dorchester.  (New York : Mercantile Illustrating Co., 1895)


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April 25, 2020