A. H. Copley


Copley, A. H.

Leading Business Men of Back Bay, South End, Boston Highlands, Jamaica Plain and Dorchester.  (Boston: Mercantile Publishing Company, 1888), 209.

A.H. Copley, Pharamacist [sic], No. 45 Hancock Street, Upham’s Corner. Upham’s Corner is well known as one of the most beautiful sections of the city, and its desirability for residential purposes is greatly heightened by the fact of there being a number of first-class stores of various kinds, located where they are easily accessible to those living in this portion of the suburbs. Every prudent man of family, likes to have a first-class pharamacy within a short distance of his home, for reasons that are too obvious to require mention.   A few moments delay in the procuring of a remedy may cause serious results, and even more grave consequences may ensue if drugs or medicines are procured of incompetent dealers.  Therefore, the desirability of having a pharmacy, not only near but under proper management, and in this connection we may well mention the establishment conducted by Mr. A. H. Copley (who was formerly with T. Metcalf & Co.) at No. 45 Hancock Street, Upham’s Corner, for its location is very convenient and no similar enterprise in the city is more carefully and conscientiously managed.  The interest of the customers are protected at all times, and those leaving physician’s prescriptions here to be compounded, (a branch of the business to which Mr. Copley gives special attention) may depend upon their being filled with the utmost care and  accuracy, and at most reasonable rates.  A fine stock of drugs, medicines, etc., is carried, all needful facilities are at band [hand?], and ample and efficient assistance is employed.  Fancy and toilet articles, cigars, etc., are very extensively dealt in, and in short, everything obtainable at a first-class pharmacy is to be had of Mr. Copley.



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November 11, 2022

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