Blue Hill Avenue

No.2293 Toll House Brush Hill Turnpike

Blue Hill Avenue began as the Brush Hill Turnpike.

The Brush Hill Turnpike from Mattapan Square heading north was built in 1809.  This turnpike “was not projected as a through route to any large place. Beyond Mattapan … the route led through and ended in unbroken woods. Canton … lay five miles beyond…”[1] The Stoughton turnpike, authorized the following year, started two miles south of Mattapan Square.  The Brush Hill Turnpike Corporation gave up its rights as far as Grove Hall in 1856, and the county commissioners named the road Grove Hall Avenue.  The route was renamed Blue Hill Avenue in 1870.[2]

PDF1200 Incorporation of the Brush Hill Turnpike

PDF1200 Incorporation of Brush Hill Turnpike in Private and Special Statutes

[1] Frederic J. Woods. The Turnpikes of New England (1919), 148.

[2] A Record of the Streets, Alleys, Places, Etc., in the City of Boston. (1910), 57.


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December 31, 2021

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