Charles H. Belledeu

No. 15479 Charles H. Belledeu

Published in The Dorchester Gentlemen’s Driving Club Year Book 1905. Ed. and compiled by Ernest H. Morgan, 90-92.

Charles H. Belledeu, one of the founders of the club, its first secretary and the secretary for the first few years of its existence, is a native of Stonington, Maine, where he was born 40 years ago.  He worked on his father’s farm until he was 17 years old, but was no less a lover of fast horses as a boy than as a man – with less leisure and less money, however, than in later years.  He came to the city unknown and almost penniless, but with good, honest, down-east grit and self-confidence.  He learned the carpenters’ trade, began business for himself while a very young man, and as a contractor and fitter-p of fine offices now does one of the largest businesses in the city.  He owns a beautiful home at Ashmont, where he lives with his wife, who was a charming southern lady.  A spacious and finely appointed stable on the grounds shelters his stud of horses.  Mr. Belledeu is one of the most prominent horsemen in Boston, and one of the prominent members of the Boston Driving Club of which he was for many years chairman of the racing and speedway committee.  He refused to serve on any committee last year, preferring to have “a year of fun.”  He won 32 races during the season, a record never equalled by an amateur.  Mr. Belledeu is a 32nd degree mason and a member of the Mystic Shrine.  He is the owner of Kentucky Star with a record of 2.09 1-4 to wagon, and has owned Ben H. 2.12; Ned Winslow, 2.12; Susie K, 2.14 1-2; Ludlow, 2.19 1-2,; Doctor G, 2.21 1-4; Prince Wilkes, 2.22 1-2; Black Diamond, 2.32; Mollie B, 2.35


Boston Directory

1896 Charles H. Beledeu, carpenter and builder, 5 Province Ct., h. Hotel Belledeu, 3 Mellen Street.


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