Cyril Chandler Blaney, 1849-1918

Cyril Chandler Blaney, 1849-1918

Published in The Dorchester Gentlemen’s Driving Club Year Book 1905. Ed. and compiled by Ernest H. Morgan. pages 92-94

Cyril C. Blaney, charter member of the club and the first man to put up his check for the maintenance of the speedway, and one who has owned more fast horses than any man in the club, not a professional horse dealer, is the most “Boston” man in the organization.  He was born in Boston as were all his forebears on both the paternal and maternal side, back to the early part of the seventeenth century when the original settlers of Boston came from the other side.  Mr. Blaney has lived all his life in Boston.  He is in the metal business with offices on Devonshire Street.  He lives at 981 Morton Street, Dorchester.  He is a game sportsman and usually has from one to three horses at the Readville or speedway races.  His black pacer, Mutineer, won the silver cup for the speedway races last year.  Among the horses owned by Mr. Blaney are: General Tracey, chestnut gelding, by Rinaldo; Lucy Hunter, bay mare, not traced; Foxey, black mare, by David Hill’s Black Hawk; Lady Knox, black mare, by Pilot Knox; Baby, bay gelding, said to be by Manchester; Bell, bay mare, by Harry Clay; Lady Brick, bay mare, by Brick Wilkes; S R, chestnut gelding, by Almonarch;  Randolph K, bay gelding by Harrold; Boney, bay gelding, by King’s Protector; Lottie M., bay mare, by son of Electioneer; Bonnie L, bay mare; Eunice B, black mare, by Allen Mack; Mina Wilkes, red roan, by Roy Wilkes; Black Ned, by Royal Alcantara; Myrtie, bay mare, by Edgewood; Nip Westland, bay horse, by Westland; Cockleburr, bay mare, by Brick Wilkes; Beauty, chestnut mare, by Allectress; Belle Johnson, bay mare, by Magic Wilkes; Florina, bay mare, by Florida; Tribune, bay gelding, by Edgemark; Lady Harris, roan mare, by Combination; Jerome Napoleon, gray gelding, by Louis Napoleon; Little Fred, black gelding, untraced; P B, black gelding, by Brick Wilkes, Jr.; 2 years Bay Filly, by Alclayone; Yearling Colt, by May King; Mutineer, black gelding, by Lord Dufferin; Walter B, bay gelding, by Wilkes (said to be) ; Charlena, bay mare, by Arrowwood; Guitara, bay mare by Ora Wilkes; Tony Swift, bay gelding, by Rocky Mountain; Brick Wilkes, Jr. brown gelding, by Brick Wilkes; Lady Hanson, brown mare, untraced.


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