Elizabeth V. Long

No. 13026 Elisabeth V. Long

Photograph contained in an album at the Dorchester Historical Society of about 150 photos kept by Nathaniel R. Perkins, MD, who examined thousands of men who were going into the war, 1914-1918. Given by Mrs N. R. Perkins in accordance with instructions from her late husband, Dr. Nathaniel P. Perkins of 1122 Adams St, Dorchester. Index catalog has entries for the individuals.

Elisabeth V Long graduated ? H.S. 1917. Clerk and ? For board [Legal Advisory Board Division 21 City of Boston] July 20, 1917. Chief clerk Dec. 15, 1917. The duties devolving on her have been exacting and hard, but she familiarized herself with her duties, and without her able assistance, the board would have come far short of doing good work. NRP


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April 6, 2022

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