Harry Bolan Watson

Harry Watson Bolan was born to Henry A. and Beatrice W. Bolan December 23, 1890.  The family live at 19 Stonehurst Street.  Henry, born in Massachusetts, was a draw tender, and Beatrice, born in England, was a housekeeper. Harry was the oldest of four children including Edwin A., Beatrice and Robert S. Bolan.

In August, 1917, he accepted a commission as second lieutenant in the tank corps, National Army.  He received his First Lieutenancy in April, 1918, and became captain in November, 1918.  In September, 1920, after returning from the war, he vacated his commission with the National Army and accepted a commission as Captain in the Regular Army.  The last mention of him in Dorchester is in the 1924 dity directory.  The New York State Census of 1925 shows he was living in New York City with his wife Mary J. Bolan. Capt. Bolan graduated from the Infantry School, company officer’s course, in 1924.  The 1930 Census shows he was stationed at Forth Ethan Allen in Essex, Vermont.

The Honolulu Star-Bulletin reported that he served in the Hawaiian department, beginning in April, 1932 and was assigned to the 35th Infantry, in command of Co L.  On November 1 of the same year he was a student at the 11th F. A. Brigade Motor school, graduating in February, 1933.  In August, 1933, Capt. Bolan was made assistant adjutant of the regiment and in September, 1933, became adjutant, a capacity in which he served until October, 1934.  Then he joined the 16th Infantry at Governors Island, assigned to the 16th Infantry.

He advanced to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in 1940, and by 1946 the US Register of Civil, Military and Naval Service has an entry with Harry as a Colonel with a home address in Massachusetts and a job as the Assistant Deputy Director, Office of the Commanding General and Chief of Staff, Official Station in Washington, DC.

Harry was released from military service in 1950.  He died on April 27, 1984, in Bradenton, Florida, and was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.


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March 27, 2022

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