Harry Erving Morrissey

No. 13042 Harry Erving Morrissey

Photograph contained in an album at the Dorchester Historical Society of about 150 photos kept by Nathaniel R. Perkins, MD, who examined thousands of men who were going into the war, 1914-1918. Given by Mrs N. R. Perkins in accordance with instructions from her late husband, Dr. Nathaniel P. Perkins of 1122 Adams St, Dorchester. Index catalog has entries for the individuals.

Harry Morrissey US Army P.O. 702 A.E.F. IMC (?) chief purchasing office

Harry Morrissey (he also signed his name “Morrisey”) was an immigrant, born  January 31, 1890, in Waterford, New Brunswick. He arrived by train with his mother Mary and three older siblings in Boston on April 15, 1906, a young man of medium height, dark complexion, with black hair and blue eyes. His statement on the border crossing registration was “no relatives in Canada,” so his father may have been deceased.  He gave his full name and his occupation as plumber, a trade he followed throughout his life. Their original address was on Hamilton Street in Dorchester, where his mother is listed as head of household.

Harry registered for the WWI draft on June 5, 1917, having announced his intention to become a US citizen. At that time, he had already married Catherine V. McGuire and had two children, living on Mattapan Street in Mattapan. He served with the American Expeditionary Force, QMC, Chief Purchasing Office.

By 1920, they lived on Cypress Road, Brighton, with three daughters and two sons. By 1930, he had remarried to a woman named Margaret Costello, with whom he had a daughter and son.

At the time of the the WWII draft, Harry was working for J.P. Landers, plumbers, on Bowdoin St., Dorchester, and living on Torrey St., Dorchester. There’s no evidence he was called to serve in that war. He died May 2, 1972, while living in Dorchester. His funeral was at St. Ambrose in Dorchester and he is buried in Braintree.  He was survived by 27 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren.



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