James J. Crowley Square


The intersection of Rossetter Street and Nottingham Street was designated a Hero Square for James J. Crowley.

United States Army Air Corps 4 January 1943 – 27 September 1944 James J. Crowley was born to William J. and Helen Crowley on September 12, 1923 in Cambridge, MA. He attended Mechanics Arts High in Boston graduating, in 1942. James was inducted into the United States Army Air Corp on December 28, 1942. Sergeant (Sgt.) Crowley served with the Army Air Corp assigned to the 703rd Bomb Squadron 445th Bombing Group. On September 27, 1944 while bravely defending our country Sgt. Crowley was killed in action over Germany. James was survived by his parents, residents of Dorchester, MA.


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January 11, 2022

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