John Francis Armstrong Square


The intersection of Bowdoin Street and Norton Street was designated a Hero Square for John Francis Armstrong.

United States Naval Reserves 14 June 1923 – 13 May 1945 John Francis Armstrong was born in Dorchester on June 14, 1923. He attended Dorchester High School, graduating in 1941. John enlisted in the United States Navy on September 15, 1942. John proudly served our country as a Machinists Mate Second Class board the U.S.S. Bache. On May 13, 1945 several enemy dive-bombers attacked and one completed a successful kamikaze attack on the Bache. Forty-one of the crew were killed including Machinist Mate Second Class Armstrong. He was survived by Mrs. Anna F. Armstrong a resident of Dorchester, MA.

Armstrong lived at 272 Bowdoin Street.


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January 13, 2022

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