Material Relating to Dorchester Industry and Commerce

Printed Materials relating to Dorchester Industry and Commerce

Baker Chocolate

Account of the Manufacture and Use of Cocoa and Chocolate in Ancient and Modern Times, Together with Copious Recipes … Dorchester: Walter Baker & Co., 1876.

A Calendar of Walter Baker & Company, Inc. and Its Times, 1765-1940. (New York: General Foods Corporation, 1940).

Chapple, Joe M. “The House that Baker Built.” National Magazine, 24 (June, 1096)

Chocolate Plant and Some of Its Products. (Dorchester, 1890).

Cocoa and Chocolate. A Short History of Their Production and Use. Revised Edition. (Dorchester: Walter Baker & Co., Limited, 1910).

Cocoa and Chocolate. A Short History of Their Production and Use. Revised Edition. (Dorchester: Walter Baker & Co., Limited, 1917).

Description of the Educational Exhibit of Cocoa and Chocolate. (Dorchester: Walter Baker & Co., 1916).

How to Make Chocolate Candy, Caramels, Fudge, Creams, Bonbons, etc., from Walter Baker & Co.s Chocolate. (Dorchester: Walter Baker & Co., 1900).

Oakes, Elinor F. “Baker’s Chocolate: The Making of a Name.” Historical Journal of Massachusetts. Vol. IX, no. , June 1981. (Westfield, MA, 1981), 29-40.

Pullar, Elizabeth. “Bakers Chocolate Souvenirs and Premiums.” Spinning Wheel, March 1979.

“The Romance of Chocolate.” Industry 12 (February 1947) 29-32. (Walter Baker Company)

Sammarco, Anthony M. The Baker Chocolate Company: A Sweet History. (Charleston, SC: The History Press, 2009).

“Walter Baker and Company.” Industry 2 (November 1936) 9-11.

Recipe Pamphlets published by Walter Baker & Co.

An Account of the Manufacture and Use of Cocoa and Chocolate. (1876).

Chocolate Receipts. (1880).

Choice Receipts by Miss Parloa. (1893).

Choice Recipes by Miss Parloa and Miss Burr. (1899).

Walter Baker & Co.’s Chocolate and Cocoa. (1900).

Choice Recipes.  Cover-title: Choice Recipes. Title-page: Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes by Miss Parloa. Home Made Candy Recipes by Mrs. Janet McKenzie Hill. (1913.

Choice Recipes for the Use of Baker’s Ground Sweet Chocolate. (Dorchester: Walter Baker & Co., 1916).

Delicious Cold Drinks and Desserts for Hot Weather. (1917).

Famous Recipes for Baker’s Chocolate and Breakfast Cocoa. (1928).

The Secrets of Dippwing with Baker’s Dot Chocolate. (1928).

Baker’s German’s Sweet Chocolate: A Treasury of Flavor-Tested Recipes. (General Foods Corporation, ca. 1940).

Baker’s Favorite Chocolate Recipes. A Handbook of Chocolate Cookery. (General Foods, 1943).

34 Dot Chocolate Candy Recipes Made with Baker’s Dot Chocolate. (New York: General Foods Corp., 1948).

Baker’s Famous Chocolate Frostings Made Easy. (White Plains, NY: General Foods Corporation, 1967).


Dorchester Pottery

Dorchester Pottery Works. Catalogue. (Boston, 1930).

Dorchester Pottery Works, Manufacturers of Butter Pots, Jugs, Jars … (Dorchester, 1905).

Michael, George. Treasury of New England Antiques. (New York: Galahad Books, 1969).

Watkins, Laura Woodside. Early New England Pottery. (Sturbridge: Old Sturbridge Village, 1966).

Gleason Pewter and Silver Manufactory

Churchill, Edwin A. Hail Britannia: Maine Pewter and Silverplate. (Augusta: Maine State Museum, 1992).

Ebert, Katharine. Collecting American Pewter. (1948).

Fredyma, Paul J. Directory of Massachusetts Silversmiths and Their Marks. (Hanover, NH, 1972).

Jacobs, Carl. Guide to American Pewter. (New York: The McBride Co., 1957).

Pewter in American Life. Providence: Pewter Collectors Club of America, 1984. Includes examples of Gleasons work.

Rainwater, Dorothy T. Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers. Rev. 4th ed. (Atglen, PA, 1998).

Lawley Boat Yard

Hickey, Albert E. Lawley Built. The Archives of the Lawley Boat Owners Associaton. Fourth edition. (Gloucester, MA: Lawley Boat Owners Association, 2001).

Other Industries of New England: Their Origin, Development and Accomplishments, Illustrated … (Boston: State Street Trust Company, 1924).

Old Colony Railroad

Derby, E.H. Argument of E.H. Derby, Esq. in Behalf of the Old Colony Rail-Road Company … (Boston: David Clapp, 1848).

Dow, Charles W. Old Colony Railroad. An Historically True Narrative of One of the Pioneer Railroad Systems in America. (1948).

Fisher, Charles E. Story of the Old Colony Railroad. (Fall River, 1972).

History of the Old Colony Railroad. A Complete History of the Old Colony Railroad from 1844 to the Present Time. (Boston: Hager & Handy, 1893).

Kirkland, Edward Chase. Men, Cities and Transportation: A Study in New Englands History. (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1948).

Liljestrand, Robert A. New Haven Railroads Old Colony Division. (Amsonia, CT: Bobs Photo, 2000).

Robbins, E.L. In Brightest Summer Land. A New Story of the Old Colony. (Boston: Old Colony Railroad and Fall-River Line, 1891).


Wallingford, Howard. Papermaking on the Neponset from 1728 to 1951. (Boston: Tileston & Hollingsworth Co., 1951).

Putnam Nail Company

Greeley, Horace. Great Industries of the United States. (Hartford: J.B. Burr & Hyde, 1872).

Skinner Organ

Holden, Dorothy J. Life and Work of Ernest M. Skinner. Second Edition. (Richmond: Organ Historical Society, 1987).

Stop, Open and Reed. A Periodical Presentation or Pipe Organ Progress. Published by Skinner Organ Company. (Richmond: Organ Historical Society, 1997).

Whitney, Craig R. All the Stops: The Glorious Pipe Organ and Its American Masters. (New York: Public Affairs, 2003).

Stearns Lumber

The Apostle of Cypress: Albert Stearns. in American Lumberman, June 10, 1899. (Chicago, 1899).

Uphams Corner Supermarket

Marnell, William H. Once Upon a Store. A Biography of the Worlds First Supermarket. (New York: Herder and Herder, 1971).


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