Dorchester's Boston Landmarks

A list of official Boston Landmarks in Dorchester, including pending and denied applications

A Boston Landmark designation is the highest form of recognition of an historic property in the city and carries restrictions. Changes to a Boston Landmark must be approved by the Boston Landmarks Commission. Boston Landmarks are designated by the Boston Landmarks Commission through a petition process. The guidelines for designation include a requirement that the historical significance of the resource must reach a level beyond just the local.

Boston Landmarks

Official Boston Landmarks have been fully-designated by the Boston Commission and have received the approval of the City Council and the Mayor. To qualify, properties must have a significance that extends beyond Boston to the region or the nation.

Pending Landmarks

Some Dorchester properties have received initial acceptance for further study by the Boston Landmarks Commission. 



Denied Landmarks

The Boston Landmarks Commission has declined petitions for Landmark status if they feel the property does not rise to the level of significance required.  Many of the denied properties have not fared well.