Boleslav C. J. Vaicunas Square


No. 21953 Boleslav C. J. Vaicunas

The intersection of Dorchester Avenue and Sudan Street was named a Hero Square for Boleslav C. J. Vaicunas.

 Boleslav C.J. Vaicunas United States Army 6 February 1918 – 26 April 1945 Boleslav Charles John Vaicunas was born in Boston to Joseph and Anna Vaicunas on February 6, 1918. As a Dorchester resident Boleslav was inducted into the United States Army on January 17, 1944 and began active duty on February 7 1944. Private First Class (PFC) Vaicunas proudly served with the 34th Infantry Division, 135 Infantry Regiment, until he was killed in action on April 26, 1945, during the battle for the Po Valley in Northern Italy only a few days before hostilities ended. PFC Vaicunas was laid to rest at the Florence American Cemetery in Florence, Italy. Boleslav was survived by his parents and his wife, Anna a resident of South Boston and a sister, Stella Gendrolis.


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January 2, 2022

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