E. S. Davis

E.S. Davis

Leading Business Men of Back Bay, South End, Boston Hghlands, Jamaica Plain and Dorchester.  (Boston: Mercantile Publishng Company, 1888), 211.

E.S. Davis, Dealer in Hay, Grain, Coal, and Wood, r67 Blue Hill Ave., Grove Hall. In spite of the manifold and surprising uses to which steam has been put, and in spite of the numerous and ingenious devices in the shape of bicycles, tricycles, etc., that have been produced to enable people to travel about swiftly and safely without the aid of horse power, it still remains a fact that horses are becoming more and more important every day, and it is still true that modern business would be seriously interfered with and in some cases utterly ruined were the supply of horses to be suddenly cut off. Such indispensible animals deserve the greatest care and consideration, and in no way can these be more satisfactorily and humanely shown than by making it a point so see that your horse is fed on proper material and is given enough of it.  Naturally it would be well for them if every dealer would handle only such products as are dealt in by Mr. E. W. Davis, located at No. 467 Blue Hill Avenue, Grove Hall.  This gentleman carries a large stock of hay, grain, coal and wood, and strives to handle none but reliable goods.  As his enterprise has been before the pubic since 1881, and his reputation is equal to the best, it is safe to conclude that he succeeds in is efforts.  The store is 35 by 112 feet in dimensions, and the stock on hand is very large and complete.  Three assistants are employed and customers given immediate and polite attention.  Mr. E. S. Davis is a native of Massachusetts, and is well known in social as well as business circles of this city, being a member of Grand Army Post No. 26, also of James Warren Commandery of Knights Templar, Mt. Vernon Chapter, Roxbury Council, Washington Lodge.



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November 17, 2022

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