The intersection of Howard Avenue and Harlow Street was designated a Hero Square for Ervin M. Danielowski.

Ervin M. Danielowski United States Navy 5 August 1920 – 10 October 1943 Ervin M. Danielowski was born on August 5, 1920. He lived on Dudley Street in Roxbury, MA with his wife Margaret E. Danielowski. Ervin showed his devotion to our country when he enlisted in the United States Navy on January 23, 1940. Shipfitter Second Class (SF2) Danielowski proudly served aboard the USS Buck, a Sims-class destroyer. The Buck served as a convoy escort during World War II, traveling from the eastern US to ports in Newfoundland, Iceland, Northern Ireland, North Africa, and the Caribbean. In late September 1943, she arrived in the Mediterranean to take part in Operation Avalanche off of Salerno, Italy. After successful landings at Salerno, the Buck patrolled the coast to offer further protection to troops in southern Italy. German submarine U-616 ambushed her on October 9, hitting Buck with at least one torpedo. This caused rapid flooding; the Buck was sinking within four minutes.

Danielowski, who lived at 616 Dudley Street, Roxbury, was reported missing in November 1943.


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January 10, 2022

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