Fire Station Mattapan

No. 3628 Postcard. Caption on front: 2761. Fire Station No. 19, Norfolk Street, Mattapan, Mass.  Postmarked Aug 10, 1932. With one-cent stamp.  On verso: Pub. by The New England News Company.

Firehouse Mattapan 128 Babson Street

No. 2990 Postcard. Caption on front: Fire Station No. 19, Norfolk St., Mattapan, Mass.  Postally unused. On verso: Pub. by Thomson & Thomson, Boston, Mass.  No. 2761. Printed in Germany.

No. 8226 Mattapan Fie Station Photograph from 1950

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Dorchester’s Alert Engine 4 operated out of a firehouse that was built in 1869 as part of the Dorchester Fire Department. It was located at 128 Babson St. (formerly Norfolk Street), near the intersection of Fremont Street, in what was then the Mattapan section of Dorchester.

The architecture of the structure was unique among the neighborhood’s firehouses. It bore a remarkable resemblance to a church, with tower-like structures at the left and right-front corners of the building. An 1870 city report on the construction of the firehouse described the building as being “of the Gothic style, the material being brick, with trimmings of unfinished granite.

In 1870, after annexation, Dorchester’s Alert Engine No. 4 became Boston’s Alert Engine Company 19. The two high belfry towers were removed in 1920.

On Dec. 31, 1958, Ladder 6 moved to a new firehouse at 9 Gallivan Boulevard, with Engine 16. Engine 19 was disbanded and the firehouse at 128 Babson Street was closed and later demolished.

No. 21889 Fire Engine on Norfolk Street from Boston Fire Department Annual Report, 1871




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