Materials about Dorchester People

Printed Materials relating to Dorchester People


Brayley, Arthur W. Bakers and Baking in Massachusetts. (Boston: The Master Bakers Association of Massachusetts, 1912). Includes notes on Otis Shepard, Horatio Shepard, Albert Shepard, David Smith, John Mitchell, C.J. Blankmeyer, Erhard Schatz, Anton Schatz, Frederick Porrmann, David M. Kasanoff, Frederick Kem, Herman Gustav Protze, John Robertson, Adam Hoffmann, Charles B. Lundquist, Charles E. Floerke, George Melle, Charles P. Schell, August Seidel.

Swift, Lindsay. Literary Landmarks of Boston: A Visitors Guide to Points of Literary Interest in and about Boston. (Boston: Houghton, Mifflin, 1903). Include notes on William Taylor Adams, Frederic Beecher Perkins, Charlotte Stetson, Edward Payson Jackson, Jefferson Lee Harbour and Maria Susanna Cummins.

Thornton, Tamara Plakins. Cultivating Gentlemen: the Meaning of Country Life among the Boston Elite, 1785-1865. (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1989). Includes notes on James Bowdoin, Samuel Downer, Cheever Newhall, John Welles and Marshall Pinckney Wilder.

William Taylor Adams (Oliver Optic)

Jameson, E. O. The Biographical Sketches of Prominent Persons … in Medway, Mass. (Millis, Mass., 1886).

Jones, Dolores Blythe. An “Oliver Optic” Checklist. An Annotated Catalog-index to the Series, Nonseries Stories, and Magazine Publiccations … (Westport, CT, 1985).

Kilgour, Raymond L. Lee and Shepard: Publishers for the People. (The Shoe String Press, 1965).

Walther, Peter C. “Better Known as Oliver Optic.” In Yellowback Library, Nov. 1989.

Eleanor Baker

Munger, Theodore T.  Address at the Funeral of Mrs. Eleanor J. W. Baker … January 17, 1891.  (Boston 1895).

Robert Barnet

Barnet, Anne Alison. Extravaganza King. Robert Barnet and Boston Musical Theater. (Boston, Northeastern University Press, 2004). Robert Barnet lived on Carruth Street.

Alice Stone Blackwell

Blackwell, Alice Stone. Growing Up in Bostons Gilded Age. Edited by Marlene Deahl Merrill. (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1990).   Also reprint on demand published by Dorchester Historical Society.

Henry Blackwell

Blackwell, Alice Stone. “Tribute to Henry B. Blackwell.”  Published in What I Owe My Father, edited by Sydney Strong. (1931).

Blake Family

Increase Blake of Boston, his Ancestors and Descendants, with a FullAaccount of William Blake of Dorchester and his Five Children. (Boston, 1889)

A record of the Blakes of Somersetshire, especially in the line of William Blake of Dorchester, Mass., the Emigrant to New England: with One Branch of His Descendants. From the Notes of the Late Horatio G. Somerby. (Boston, 1881).

Henry Nichols Blake

“Memoirs of a Many-sided Man.” Written 1916. Published Magazine of Western History. August 1964.

James Blake, 3rd
Bedini, Silvio A. “The History Corner: James Blake 3rd (1688-1751) The Poetic Surveyor of Dorchester, Part 1.” in Professional Surveyor Archives 2003.

Edwin Booth

Winter, William. Life and Art of Edwin Booth. (New York: Macmillan, 1893).

Karl R. Bossi

Just Call Me Moose! Growing Up Italian in America.

James Bowdoin

Harris, Thaddeus Mason. Tribute of Respect, to the Memory of the Hon. James Bowdoin, Esq. In a Sermon, Preached at Dorchester, October 27, 1811. (Boston, 1811)

Kershaw, Gordon E. James Bowdoin: Patriot and Man of the Enlightenment. (Brunwsick, ME: Bowdoin College Museum of Art, 1976).

Legacy of James Bowdoin III. (Brunswick, ME: Bowdoin College Museum of Art, 1994).

George F. Boynton

Hall, Nathaniel. An Address Spoken in the First Church … at the Funeral of George Francis  Boynton. (Boston, 1863).

Bradlee / Bradley Family

Doggett, Samuel Bradlee. History of the Bradlee Family, with Particular Reference to the Descendants of Nathan Bradley, of Dorchester, Mass. (Boston, 1878)

Luther Briggs, architect
Zimmer, Edward F.  “Luther Briggs and the Picturesque Pattern Books.”  in Old-Time New England, volume 67, Number 247 (Winter/Spring, 1977)

Capen Family

Hayden, Charles Albert. The Capen Family: Descendants of Bernard Capen of Dorchester, Mass. Revised by Jessie Hale Tuttle. (Minneapolis, Minn., 1929)


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Clapp Family

The Clapp Memorial. Record of the Clapp Family in America. (Boston, 1876).

Weis, Frederick Lewis. Lemuel Clap Chart. (1961).

Rev. John Codman

Allen, William. Memoir of John Codman, D.D. By William Allen; with Reminiscences by Joshua Bates. (Boston: T.R. Marvin and S.K. Whipple & Co., 1853).

Bates, Joshua. Memoir of John Codman 1853

Dyer, David. The Perfection of Christian Life in Heaven. (Boston: Press of T.R. Marvin, 1848).

Storrs, Richard Salter. Discourse Delivered in the Second Congregational Church, Dorchester, Ms., Monday, Dec. 27, 1847, at the Funeral of Rev. John Codman, Late Pastor of Said Church. 2d ed. (Boston: Press of T.R. Marvin, 1848).

Captain John Codman

Other Merchants and Sea Captains of Old Boston. (Boston: State Street Trust Company, 1919).

William C. Codman

Other Merchants and Sea Captains of Old Boston. (Boston: State Street Trust Company, 1919).

Maria Cummins

 Hall, Nathaniel. A Sermon Preached n the First Church, Dorchester upon the Decease of Maria S. Cummins. (Cambridge, 1866).

Isaac Howe Davenport

Demarest, Thomas. “The Baylor Massacre — Some Assorted Notes and Information.” Published in Bergen County History 1971 Annual, Bergen County Historical Society, River Edge, NJ
Isaac Howe Davenport, a soldier from Dorchester was killed in the massacre.

James Davenport

Harris, Thaddeus Mason. Address at the Interment of R.W. James Davenport; July 17, 1824. By R.W. Thaddeus Mason Harris, D.D. To Which Is Added, A Memoir of His Services as a Soldier in the Revolutionary War, Extracted from his Journal. (Boston: Published at the Christian Register Office. John B. Russell, printer, 1824).


Dickerman, Edward Dwight and George Sherwood Dickerman.  Dickerman Genealogy. Descendants of Thomas Dickerman, an Early Settler of Dorchester, Massachusetts.  (New Haven, 1922).

Eells Family

Starr, Frank Farnsworth. The Eells Family of Dorchester.  (Pawtucket, 1903).

Elwell Family

Elwell, Jacob Thomas. The Elwell Family in America, A Genealogy of Robert Elwell, of Dorchester and Gloucester …. (Boston, 1899).

Chansonetta Stanley Emmons

Documenting a Myth: the South as Seen by Three Women Photographers, Chansonetta Stanley Emmons, Doris Ulman … (Portland, OR: Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery, Reed College, 1998).

Peladeau, Marius B. Chansonetta. The Life and Photographs of Chansonetta Stanley Emmons, 1858-1937. (Waldoboro, ME, 1977).

Edward Everett

Centennial Anniversary of the Birth of Edward Everett, Celebrated by the Dorchester Historical Society, April 11th, 1894. (Boston: Rockwell and Churchill, City Printers, 1895).

Frothingham, Paul Revere. Edward Everett, Orator and Statesman. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1925).

Katula, Richard A. The Eloquence of Edward Everett: Americas Greatest Orator. (Dorchester: Dorchester Historical Society, 2009).

A Memorial of Edward Everett, from the City of Boston. Boston: City Council, 1865. Compiled by J.M. Bugbee, the Mayors Clerk under the Direction of a Committee of the City Council.
Field Family

Pierce, Frederick Clifton.  Field Genealogy: Being the Record of all the Field Family in America … v. 2 (Chicago: W. B. Conkey Company, 1901), 976.

Hopestill Foster

Whitmore, William H. Descendants of Hopestill Foster of Dorchester, Mass., son of Richard Foster of Biddenden Co., Kent, and his wife Patience Biggs (widow Foster), the immigrant in 1635. (Boston: David Clapp & Son, 1898

John Foster

Green, Samuel Abbot. John Foster; the Earliest American Engraver and the First Boston Printer. (Boston: Massachusetts Historical Society, 1909).

Griffin, Gillett. “John Fosters Woodcut of Richard Mather”. In Printing & Graphc Arts, 1958.

Frederick, Pauline

Elwood, Muriel. Pauline Frederick On and Off the Stage. (Chicago: A. Kroch, 1940(.

Jonathan Gillet

Gillette, Salmon Cone. Descendants of Jonathan Gillet of Dorchester, Mass. and Windsor, Conn. (Boston: David Clapp & Son, 1893).

Glover Family

Glover, Anna.  An Account of John Glover of Dorchester and His Descendants. (Boston: David Clapp & Son, 1867).

John Grenaway

Trask, William Blake. “John Grenaway. Abstracts of Deeds (1650) from John Grenaway to His Children.” New England Historic and Genealogical Register (January, 1878)

Nathaniel Hall

Hall, David B.  The Halls of New England. Genealogical and Biographical.  (Albany, 1883)

Memorial of the Rev. Nathaniel Hall, Late Pastor of the First Church in Dorchester, Mass. (Boston: Ebenezer Clapp, Publisher, 1874).

Hanna, Jake

Judge, Maria S. Jake Hanna: The Rhythm and Wit of a Swinging Drummer. (2011)

Thaddeus Mason Harris

Frothingham, Nathaniel Langdon. Memoir of Rev. Thaddeus Mason Harris, D.D. (Cambridge: Metcalf and Company, 1855).

Hall, Nathaniel. Address Delivered in the First Church, Dorchester, Thursday, April 7, 1842, at the Funeral of Rev. Thaddeus Mason Harris. (Boston: B.H. Greene, 1842).

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. The Ghost of Dr. Harris. (New York: Tucker Publishing Co., 1900). A short story about an apparition in the Boston Athenaeum.

Huntoon, Benjamin. Eulogy, delivered by the Request of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, at the Funeral Services in Commemoration of Rev. and R.W. Thaddeus Mason Harris, D.D., and R.W. Brother Samuel Thaxter, at the Masonic Temple, May 45h, 1842. (Boston; B.H. Greene, 1842).

Childe Hassam

Hiesinger, Ulrich W. Childe Hassam: American Impressionist. (New York: Prestel-Verlag, 1994).

Hoopes, Donelson F. Childe Hassam. New York: Watson-Guptill Publications, 1979.

Richard Hawes

Hawes, Frank Mortimer.  Richard Hawes of Dorchester, Massachusetts and Some of His Descendants. (Hartford, CT, 1932)

John Hill

Bartlett, J. Gardner. John Hill of Dorchester, Mass., 1633, and five generations of his descendants; also ancestral lines of some families inter-married with his descendants … Boston Lew C. Hill, 1904 Reprinted by Tuttle Antiquarian Books ca. 2000.

Holden family

The Holden Genealogy. (Boston, 1923)

Humphreys family

Humphreys, Frederick. The Humphreys Family in America. (1883)

David Claypool Johnston

Johnson, Malcolm. David Claypool Johnston: American Graphic Humorist, 1798-1865. )Boston, 1970).

Johnson, Malcolm. Great Locofoco Juggernaut, a New Console-a-tory Sub-treasury Rag-monster: a Cartoon Bank Note by D.C. Johnston. (Barre, MA: Imprint Society, 1971).

Tatham, David. A Note about David Claypoole Johnston with a Check List of his Book Illustrations. (Syracuse: Syracuse University, 1970).

David O.S. Lowell

Hale, Richard Walden. Tercentenary History of the Roxbury Latin School, 1645-1945. (Cambridge: Riverside Press, 1946).

Russell, Francis. The Old Roxbury Latin School on Kearsarge Avenue from the Civil War to the Twenties. (West Roxbury, 1970).

Richard Mather

Burg, B.R. Richard Mather of Dorchester. (Lexington: University of Kentucky Press, 1976).

Mather, Increase. Life and Death of that Reverend Man of God, Mr. Richard Mather, Teacher of the Church in Dorchester in New England. (Bainbridge, New York: York Mail-Print, 1974).

Middlekauf, Robert. The Mathers: Three Generations of Puritan Intellectuals, 1596-1728. (New York: Oxford Unversity Press, 1971).

Tyler, Moses Coit. History of American Literature. (New York: G.P. Putnams Sons, 1878).

Sarah Wentworth Apthorp Morton

Pendleton, Emily. Philenia: the Life and Works of Sarah Wentworth Morton, 1759-1846. By Emily Pendleton and Milton Ellis. (Orono, ME, 1931).

Winterich, John T. Early American Books & Printing. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1935).

John Lothrop Motley

Whipple, Edwin Percy.  Recollection of Eminent Men.(Boston, 1886). Includes a chapter on Motley.  Motley was a historian who wrote about the Netherlands.

Oliver Family

Jackson, Robert Tracy.  History of the Oliver, Vassall and Royall Houses in Dorchester, Cambridge and Medford. (Boston, 1907).


Pelton Family

Pelton, J.M.  Genealogy of the Pelton Family in America.(Albany: Joel Munsell’s Sons, 1892)


Phelps, Judge Oliver Seymour.  Phelps Family of America.  (Pittsfield, 1899)  2 v.

Pierce Family

Peirce, Frederick Clifton. Peirce Genealogy. Worcester: Press of Charles Hamilton, 1880.

Pierce, William Blake. My Ancestors in America. (Chicago, 1864).

Walton, Susan S. The View from Dorchester: Colonel Samuel Pierce, Farmer & Patriot, 1739-19815. Revised. (Boston: Historic New England, 2006)

Pope Family

A History of the Dorchester Pope Family, 1634-1888. Compiled by Charles Henry Pope. (Boston, 1888).

William R. Porter

Means, James H. A Sermon Preached in the Second Church, Dorchester, after the Death of Lieutenant William R. Porter. (Boston, 1862).

Silas S. Putnam

Greeley, Horace. Great Industries of the United States. (Hartford: J.B. Burr & Hyde, 1872).


A Family Story. (Circa 1889).

William and Anne Robinson of Dorchester, Mass. Their Ancestors and Their Descendants. By Edward Doubleday Harris. (Boston, Press of David Clapp & Son, 1890).

William James Rolfe

Bibliography of William James Rolfe. (Cambridge, MA, Public Library. Cambridge, 1907).


Fincher, Evelyn Davis. Spurr genealogy being 10 generations of the descendants of Robert Spurr who was in Dorchester, Massachusetts in 1654 …  (Burlington, VT Chedwato Service, 1966).

Charles Ellery Stedman

The Civil War Sketchbook of Charles Ellery Stedman, Surgeon, United States Navy. Biography and commentary by Jim Dan Hill. (San Rafael, CA: Presidio Press, 1976).

Lucy Stone

Banks, Louis Albert. Lucy Stone: a Heroine of the Struggle for Human Rights, the Woman and her Work. (Boston: Lee and Shepard, 1893).

Berenson, Barbara F. Massachusetts in the Woman Suffrage Movement: Revolutionary Reformers. (Charleston, SC: The History Press, 2018).

Blackwell, Alice Stone. Lucy Stone: Pioneer of Womans Rights. (Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 2001).

Hays, Elinor Rice. Morning Star: Biography of Lucy Stone, 1818-1893. (New York: Octagon Books, 1978).

Kerr, Andrea Moore. Lucy Stone: Speaking Out for Equality. (New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 1992).

McMillen, Sally G. Lucy Stone: An Unapologetic Life. (New York: Oxford University Press, 2015).

Park, Maud Wood. Lucy Stone: a Chronicle Play. (Boston: Walter H. Baker Company, 1938).

Million, Joelle. Woman’s Voice, Woman’s Place: Lucy Stone and the Birth of the Woman’s Rights Movement.  (Westport, CT: Praeger, 2003).

Stone, Lucy. Friends & Sisters. Letters between Lucy Stone and Antoinette Brown Blackwell, 1846-93. (Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 1987).

Stone, Lucy. Loving Warriors: Selected Letters of Lucy Stone and Henry B. Blackwell, 1853 to 1893. (New York: Dial Press, 1981).

Stone, Lucy. Soul Mates: the Oberlin Correspondence of Lucy Stone and Antoinette Brown, 1846-1850. (Oberlin: Oberlin College, 1983).

Peter Strickland.

Grant, Stephen. “Peter Strickland, Sea Captain from New London, First U.S. Consul to French West Africa, Agent in Transatlantic Trade.” In Collections v. XI, 2003, Published by The University of Delaware Library Associates. 2003.

Grant, Stephen. Peter Strickland: New London Shipmaster, Boston Merchant, First Consul to Senegal. (Washington, DC: New Academia, 2007).

Donna Summer.

Summer, Donna. Ordinary Girl: the Journey. (New York: Villard, 2003).

William Sumner

Appleton, William Sumner. Record of the Descendants of William Sumner, of Dorchester, Mass. 1636. (Boston: David Clapp & Son, 1879).

Swift Family

Ellery, Harrison.  The Memoirs of Gen. Joseph Gardner Swift … to Which is Added a Genealogy of the Family of Thomas Swift of Dorchester.  (1890).

Talbot Family

Peter Talbot of Dorchester, Mass., and some of his Descendants. (Columbus, Ohio, 1909).

Edmund Tarbell

Buckley, Laurene. Edmund C. Tarbell: Poet of Domesticity. (New York: Hudson Hills Press, 2001).

Olney, Susan Faxon. Two American Impressionists: Frank W. Benson and Edmund C. Tarbell. (Durham, NH: University of New Hampshire, University Art Gallery, 1980).

Pierce, Patricia Jobe. Edmund C. Tarbell and the Boston School of Painting, (1889-1980). (Hingham, MA, 1980).

Strickler, Susan. Impressionism Transformed: The Paintings of Edmund C. Tarbell. (Manchester, NH: The Currier Gallery of Art, 2001).

Trescott Family

Jenney, Charles Francis. “The Trescott Family of Dorchester and Milton.” Historical Record Hyde Park Historical Society 3 (1903) 55-70.

Trott family

The Trotts of Dorchester and Boston. Boston: Reprinted from the New England Historic and Genealogical Register, 1889.

William Monroe Trotter

Fox, Stephen R. Guardian of Boston: William Monroe Trotter. (New York, 1970).


Robert Vose and His Descendants by Ellen F. Vose.  (Boston, 1932).

Weekes Family

Weeks, Robert D. Genealogy of the Family of George Weekes, of Dorchester, Mass., 1635-1650. (Newark, NJ, 1885)

George Weekes

Genealogy of the Family of George Weekes of Dorchester, Mass. 1635-1650. By Robert D. Weeks. (1885)

Weis Family

Weis, Frederick Lewis. The Ancestry of the Children of John Peter Carl Weis and Georgina Lewis. (Lincoln, RI, 1922)..

John and Sarah Whipple

Captain John and Sarah Whipple: A Multigenerational Study of the First Whipple Family in America.  By Dr. Charles Whipple, Jr. (2009).     A chronicle of the life and times of Captain John Whipple (1617-1685), who was born in Old England, immigrated to Dorchester, Massachusetts in 1632, then to Providence, Rhode Island in 1658/59.

Online Book can be “borrowed” at

Marshall Pinckney Wilder

Benson, Albert Emerson. History of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society. (Norwood: Massachusetts Horticultural Society, 1929).

Sheppard, John. H. “Memorial of Hon. Marshall P. Wilder”  in The New England Historical & Genealogical Register, Volume XXI. (Boston, 1867), 97


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