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21611 Articles Covenanted 1709


The year 1697

William Dana Orcutt. Good Old Dorchester. (1893), 269.The 25th of December of this year, several serious young men of the town joined themselves into an association for religious purposes, which were to con­tinue until they formed family connections, or until they left the town. This society continued until about 1848, or 150 years from its formation. Simi­lar associations were formed in the neighboring towns, but were generally short-lived. The meetings of the Dorchester society were held immediately after the public service on Sunday afternoons, and the exercises were principally prayer and reading. Rev. Dr. Harris preached a discourse, addressed to the members, one hundred years from its establishment, which was printed. The society had a true friend in the late Dr. James Baker, who presented them many valuable religious books. The remains of the library, also the constitution and the signatures thereto, are now in the keeping of the Dorchester Antiquarian and Historical Society.

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PDF1001 Articles Covenanted by Society of Young Men 1709

Articles Covenanted by Society of Young Men, March 13, 1709


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