River Street Fire Station

No.  8267 Fire Station River and Temple Streets

Scan of photograph of the fire station that was constructed on River Street between 1882 and 1884. It was located a little west of Lower Mills on the corner of Temple Street.

No. 11123 River Street Fire Station

The following is from https://www.dotnews.com/2020/dorchesters-firehouses-six-biographies-covering-150-years

Engine 16 originally operated out of a firehouse that was built in 1869 at the corner of Temple and River Street in Lower Mills. The building was unique in that assigned fire apparatus operated from two sides of the firehouse and from two floor levels. The main address of 2 Temple St., a side street off River Street, was the quarters of the engine company, while below, on the River Street side, 51 River St. was the address of the ladder company.

The firehouse was known as Dorchester’s S. H. Hebard Engine No. 1 until annexation day in 1870, when it became Boston’s S. H. Hebard Engine Company 16, and Dorchester’s General Grant Ladder No. 1 became Boston’s General Grant Ladder Company 6.

On June 1, 1938, Ladder 6 moved to the firehouse of Engine Company 19 in the Mattapan section of Dorchester. In 1958, Engine 16 moved into a new firehouse at 9 Gallivan Blvd., from which it continues to operate today. The company covers Dorchester, Mattapan, and parts of Roslindale, and responds to roughly 2,100 incidents per year.

The property at the corner of River and Temple streets is now occupied by residential structures.

No. 21887 Fire Engine on Temple Street from Boston Fire Department Annual Report, 1871

No. 21882 Hook and Ladder on Temple Street from Boston Fire Department Annual Report, 1871



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